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Love and well-being advices

Love and well-being
Through coaching sessions, beauty tips, sport sessions, and even relaxation therapies, Elite Connexion works for your dates to be successful. Our goal is to get you ready for your meetings, and make sure our members spend quality time. That’s why we get busy with everything!

We propose our members some training to improve their self-confidence, for them to feel at ease and open for their dates. We can also submit image advice, and sports sessions to help you stay in shape.

For our VIP members, we also put forward a few methods like sophrology, homeopathy, reiki and hydrotherapy, because we believe in their psychological and physical benefits.

We focus on well-being for you to be radiant and relaxed, to help you get a good start in your love adventure!

Enjoy the best advices about love and well-being to increase your seductive power!


Our packages

Love advice: Our VIP dating agency is specialised in gathering singles from the same socio-cultural level. We advise relaxation sessions to our members, and love tips, because we know that feeling confident is the key to seduction. What we suggest our members is a personalised follow-up and VIP services to:
  • Define your own personality, and what attracts you
  • Work on your self-esteem, self-confidence and seduction techniques
  • Work on your image (makeup, haircut, and clothing)
Elite Connexion and its love coaching guarantees that:
  • We’ll help you to know better about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses;
  • Seek your fundamental needs;
  • Identify your precise expectations in a relationship, and give you adapted advices;
  • Explain why some profiles attract you more than others;
  • Understand your lifestyle to find among matching profiles the one that suits you the better.
Our personalised formulas, to increase your self-confidence and make you feel better! Our well-being advices to feel at ease with yourself Physical well-being is defined by the feeling of a good health state, and through the satisfaction of the primary needs of the body. It also helps you feel better, psychologically. That’s why we focus on the well-being of our members, for them to enjoy successful dates. Moreover, we put forward a few methods like homeopathy, sophrology, physiotherapy, to help you feeling relaxed. We believe in their psychological and physical benefits. If you wish so, we can ensure you get a sportive monitoring, and medical check-ups. Being comfortable in your own skin is compulsory to feel confident.