Do you want to become happy by making others happy? Become a heart hunter
Femme chasseur de coeur Elite Connexion


Your Elite Dating Agency tells you everything about the job of heart hunter ! 

Heart hunter is the new job that should be finding its way into the world of work.

Like that of all head hunters, the mission of the heart hunter is to act as an amorous go-between, by doing specific research that’s based on their clients’ requests. They must show observance and precision in their quest for the person who will correspond to a client’s needs and criteria, as they enjoy personalized support to help them find their soul mate.
The idea is to figure out their life goals and lifestyle in detail. If the profile that they’re looking for seems coherent and realistic, we start doing research by using different kinds of “sourcing” (means of research).


In addition to having an open side, a good heart hunter will have to show that they are capable of empathy, of being a good listener, of psychological understanding, and of being very intuitive, in order to be able to tell whether two people are going to match up. They must also have a commercial streak. Being well organized is crucial, because you have to support dozens of people at the same time, and getting them mixed up is out of the question. You have to be imaginative, very discreet, a little daring, enjoy working with people, and be able to start up a conversation. Those are the  perfect moral qualities if you want to get a good grip on this job.



It is crucial to bear in mind that Elite Connexion specializes in high-end business – the quality of its members is a must. A heart hunter must be picky and especially meticulous in their choice of members. For Elite Connexion, quality matters over quantity.

A few ideas for heart hunters

The concept of “heart hunter ” is new and very trendy. There are several proactive ways that you can go about finding hearts that want marrying.

  • – The first thing to do is to participate in certain events. Depending on a client’s expectations, some may be more suitable than others. They can be after work get-togethers, gallery openings, cocktail parties… it’s all in the way you go about it. Discretion, the ability to hold back, reserve and confidentiality are all crucial characteristics, here.
  • – – We can also activate our “Ambassadors'” network; these are people who have their own large networks, who are able to recommend potential clients to us, and who receive gifts
  • – We also bring our “targets” closer together through the internet.
  • – And the latest novelty – franchisees : In view of its expansion, Elite Connexion’s franchising is in development all over Europe.



Certain venues that are privileged by Bordeaux’s upper class can be good spots for recruiting potential clients. The Grand Hotel’s bars, the theater bar, golf bar, the opera, private evenings, cocktail dinners, galas, Médoc rallies, gallery openings, chateau wine tastings…


With the help of her active and benevolent ear, Guerda de Haan will be your coach, if you wish it, in order to help you overcome certain obstacles that may be keeping you from being open enough to the possibility of finding happiness with another person. She will motivate you, and imbue you with the desire to act, to help you regain your confidence. Be ready to let them in
You are hoping to get out of your usual circle and make some decisive encounters for your Future. The Elite Connexion High-Level Dating Agency is specialized in international high-end matchmaking, for singles demanding requirements , both in terms of lifestyle and of expectations.

She will accompany you step by step in your search for a solid love relationship that is loving, harmonious, and authentic.
The concept she has to offer is to put singles in touch in a way that’s tailored to them, and focused on “targeting” specific tastes, hobbies, and affinities out of handpicked people from the cultural, diplomatic, political, audiovisual, liberal or industrial worlds, all of whom have been rigorously selected.

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